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's freedom we paid our parts for the iron curtain and champ named into the e.u. of those countries that lost so many figures to communists. contained in this history is a crucial point about britain, our natural character, our attitude to europe. britain is characterized, but above all by his openness. we've always been a country that reaches out that leads the charge in the fight for free trade and against protectionism. as today as it's always been. independent, yes, but open to. i never want us to put it to drawbridge and retreat from the world. i'm not a british isolationist, but i want a better deal for britain. i wanted better deal if the fantasy british prime minister for the future of the european union. a future in which wants and should want to play committed an active part. now some might then ask, why raise fundamental questions about the future of europe when europe is already in the midst to be deep crisis. why raise questions about britain's role would support in britain is already so did. there are always choices that they don't raise the difficult questions, but it is essent
airways that we should undertake serious discussions between the u.s. and the e.u. at the same time, i think we need to be realistic. how is it to hot, over 10 years ago and i think they were unnecessarily optimistic views about how quickly it could be done and how uncomplicated it was ended turned out that caution was the better part of judgment. the e.u. has events regulatory issues and i think it would have to be willing to essentially to open up their markets and not use various procedures to try to safeguard their market. so i favor receiving, but with an understanding that their argument issues to be looked at. and it's not going to have been very, very quickly, but i'm in favor of starting it. i do my >> just simply fancy language for regulation. and now, whether we're going to allow european meat that may be contaminated with mad cow disease and they have the same concern. inevitably out of apple, reconfiguration of the regulatory safety net on both sides of the atlantic. is that a charming prospect to you? or d.c. opportunities to really kind of streamlined related to the econ
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2